TMKOC Fame Munmun Dutta’s Desi Food Choices


Munmun Dutta, popularly known as Babita from TMKOC, is a foodie at heart. Her love for desi food is no secret.


From spicy chaats to rich biryanis, Munmun's taste buds crave for all things desi.


Her go-to comfort food is a plate of steaming hot pav bhaji, loaded with butter and spices.


But her love for food doesn't stop at just Indian cuisine. She also enjoys indulging in Italian and Chinese dishes.


However, Munmun believes in balance and makes sure to include healthy options in her diet as well.


She starts her day with a glass of warm water and lemon, followed by a nutritious breakfast of oats and fruits.


For lunch, she opts for a simple yet wholesome meal of dal, sabzi, and roti.


Dinner is usually a light affair for Munmun, with a bowl of soup or salad.


But when it comes to cheat meals, she doesn't hold back and indulges in her favorite street food or a decadent dessert.


Munmun's love for desi food is a reflection of her vibrant and down-to-earth personality, making her a relatable foodie for her fans.