Ramadan 2024: 15 Types Of Biryani Popular Across India


Welcome to the ultimate biryani journey! Let's explore the diverse and delicious types of biryani that are popular across India during Ramadan 2024.


Slide into the rich flavors of Hyderabadi biryani, with its tender meat and aromatic spices. A must-try for all biryani lovers.


Indulge in the creamy and flavorful Lucknowi biryani, known for its use of saffron and slow-cooked meat. A royal treat for your taste buds.


Experience the fusion of Mughlai and South Indian flavors in the Kolkata biryani, with its unique use of potatoes and boiled eggs.


Savor the spicy and tangy flavors of the Chettinad biryani, made with a special blend of spices and tender meat. A South Indian delight.


Get a taste of the coastal regions with the Malabar biryani, cooked in coconut milk and infused with the flavors of the sea.


Travel to the land of the Nizams with the Nizami biryani, a rich and aromatic dish made with fragrant basmati rice and succulent meat.


Try the unique and flavorful Sindhi biryani, with its layers of rice, meat, and potatoes, topped with crispy fried onions and nuts.


Indulge in the spicy and tangy flavors of the Andhra-style biryani, with its generous use of green chilies and tamarind.


Experience the fusion of Indian and Chinese cuisine with the Kolkata-style Chinese biryani, made with a mix of spices and sauces.