How To Make Gur Ka Sharbat At Home


Welcome to the world of refreshing drinks! Today, we'll learn how to make Gur Ka Sharbat at home. Get ready to quench your thirst!


First, gather all the ingredients. You'll need jaggery, water, lemon juice, black salt, and cumin powder. Keep them handy.


Take a pan and add 1 cup of water. Let it boil. Once it starts boiling, add 1 cup of grated jaggery. Stir until it dissolves completely.


Now, add 1 teaspoon of black salt and 1 teaspoon of cumin powder. Mix well. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.


Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool down. Once it's at room temperature, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Stir well.


Take a glass and add ice cubes. Pour the sharbat over the ice cubes. You can also add some mint leaves for a refreshing twist.


Your homemade Gur Ka Sharbat is ready to be served! Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavors of this traditional drink.


Not only is this sharbat delicious, but it also has many health benefits. Jaggery is rich in iron and cumin aids in digestion.


You can also experiment with this recipe by adding different flavors like ginger or cardamom. Let your taste buds guide you!


So, next time you're craving a cool and flavorful drink, skip the store-bought options and make your own Gur Ka Sharbat at home. Cheers!