Eid Al-fitr 2024: 12 Traditional Dishes For The Celebration


Welcome to the celebration of Eid al-fitr 2024! Let's explore 12 traditional dishes that will make your festivities even more special.


Slide into the spirit of Eid with the classic dish of biryani, a flavorful rice and meat dish that is a staple in many Muslim households.


Indulge in the rich and creamy flavors of korma, a slow-cooked meat dish with a blend of spices and yogurt that will leave your taste buds dancing.


For a vegetarian option, try the hearty and filling dish of haleem, made with lentils, wheat, and spices. Perfect for breaking your fast after a day of prayer.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the traditional dessert of sheer khurma, a creamy vermicelli pudding with nuts and dates that is a must-have during Eid.


Add some crunch to your meal with samosas, crispy pastry pockets filled with savory meat or vegetable fillings. A popular appetizer during Eid celebrations.


For a refreshing drink, try the sweet and tangy mango lassi, a yogurt-based drink that pairs perfectly with spicy dishes.


Indulge in the aromatic flavors of kebabs, grilled meat skewers marinated in a blend of spices and herbs. A delicious addition to any Eid feast.


For a lighter option, try the refreshing and flavorful tabbouleh salad, made with parsley, tomatoes, and bulgur wheat. A perfect side dish for any meal.


End your feast on a sweet note with the traditional dessert of baklava, layers of flaky pastry filled with nuts and drizzled with honey. A decadent treat for Eid.