Alia Bhatt Craved For This Bengali Dessert During Her Pregnancy


Alia Bhatt, the Bollywood diva, craved for a special Bengali dessert during her pregnancy.


The sweet dish, called 'Mishti Doi', is a creamy yogurt-based dessert that is popular in West Bengal.


Alia's pregnancy cravings were no secret, and she often shared her love for this traditional Bengali dessert on social media.


The actress even joked that she would name her baby after the dessert if it was a girl.


Mishti Doi is made by boiling milk until it thickens, then adding sugar and yogurt and letting it ferment overnight.


The result is a rich and creamy dessert with a slightly tangy taste that is loved by many.


Alia's love for Mishti Doi is not surprising, as she has always been a foodie and loves to try new dishes.


During her pregnancy, she indulged in her cravings but also made sure to maintain a healthy diet for the well-being of her baby.


Now, Alia is a proud mother and has passed on her love for Mishti Doi to her little one.


The actress often shares pictures of her and her daughter enjoying the delicious dessert, proving that some cravings never go away.