8 Ways To Add Kokum To Your Summer Diet


Welcome to the world of Kokum! A tangy and refreshing fruit that can be added to your summer diet in 8 delicious ways. Let's explore!


Slide 1: Kokum is a small purple fruit that is native to India. It is known for its unique sweet and sour taste and is packed with numerous health benefits.


Slide 2: Kokum is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also aids in digestion and helps in maintaining a healthy gut.


Slide 3: Add a twist to your regular lemonade by replacing it with Kokum juice. It not only quenches your thirst but also helps in cooling down your body.


Slide 4: Kokum sherbet is a popular summer drink in India. It is made by mixing Kokum juice with sugar, water, and a pinch of salt. It is a perfect drink to beat the heat.


Slide 5: Kokum can also be added to your salads. Just sprinkle some dried Kokum powder on your salad for a tangy and refreshing flavor.


Slide 6: Kokum can be used as a natural food coloring agent. Add a few pieces of Kokum to your curries or rice dishes for a beautiful purple color and a tangy taste.


Slide 7: Kokum chutney is a delicious and healthy condiment that can be paired with your favorite snacks. It is made by blending Kokum, coconut, and spices.


Slide 8: Kokum can also be used in desserts. Add some Kokum puree to your ice cream or make a Kokum sorbet for a unique and refreshing summer treat.


Slide 9: With its numerous health benefits and versatile uses, Kokum is a must-add to your summer diet. So go ahead and try these 8 delicious ways to incorporate Kokum into your meals and enjoy a healthy and refreshing summer!