8 Desi Breakfasts To Keep Heart Healthy


Start your day with a healthy breakfast! Here are 8 desi breakfast options to keep your heart happy and healthy.


Slide 1: Poha - a light and nutritious breakfast made with flattened rice, veggies, and spices.


Slide 2: Upma - a savory dish made with semolina, veggies, and spices. Perfect for a quick and filling breakfast.


Slide 3: Idli - a steamed rice and lentil cake, served with chutney and sambar. A popular South Indian breakfast option.


Slide 4: Dalia - a wholesome breakfast made with broken wheat, veggies, and spices. Rich in fiber and nutrients.


Slide 5: Dhokla - a steamed snack made with gram flour, served with chutney. A light and healthy breakfast option.


Slide 6: Paratha - a flatbread stuffed with veggies or lentils, served with yogurt or pickle. A hearty and delicious breakfast.


Slide 7: Oats - a nutritious breakfast option, loaded with fiber and protein. Can be made into porridge or savory oats.


Slide 8: Moong Dal Cheela - a savory pancake made with lentils and spices. A protein-packed breakfast to keep you full and energized.


Slide 9: Start your day with one of these desi breakfasts and give your heart the love it deserves. Stay healthy, stay happy!