13 Foods Served On Indian Trains That Are Pure Nostalgia


'Welcome aboard the Indian train! Get ready to take a trip down memory lane with these 13 nostalgic foods served on our trains.'


'Slide into your seat and get ready to indulge in the classic taste of hot and crispy samosas, a staple snack on Indian trains.'


'Feeling thirsty? Quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of masala chai, served in traditional clay cups, just like the good old days.'


'As the train chugs along, the aroma of freshly made vada pav will tempt your taste buds. This iconic Mumbai street food is a must-try on Indian trains.'


'For a heartier meal, try the humble yet delicious dal khichdi, a comfort food that will remind you of home.'


'No train journey is complete without a packet of crunchy chivda, a popular snack that has been a part of train travel for decades.'


'Feeling adventurous? Try the spicy and tangy aloo tikki, a popular street food that has made its way onto Indian trains.'


'For those with a sweet tooth, the creamy and rich rabri served on trains will transport you back to your childhood.'


'Don't forget to try the famous railway omelette, a fluffy and flavorful dish that has been a favorite among train travelers for generations.'


'As the train makes its way through different regions, don't miss out on the regional specialties like idli-sambar, dhokla, and puri bhaji.'