13 Food-based Idioms That Are Popular Across The World


Welcome to the delicious world of idioms! Let's explore 13 food-based idioms that are loved and used by people all over the globe.


First up, "piece of cake" meaning something that is very easy to do. Just like eating a piece of cake, this idiom is a piece of cake to understand.


Next, we have "spill the beans" which means to reveal a secret. But be careful not to actually spill any beans while doing so!


Ever heard someone say "the apple of my eye"? It means someone or something that is very dear to you, just like the apple of your eye.


If someone is "full of beans", it means they are full of energy and enthusiasm. Maybe they had a hearty breakfast with lots of beans!


We all know that "too many cooks spoil the broth". This idiom means that too many people trying to do the same thing can lead to chaos and confusion.


Have you ever been told to "take it with a grain of salt"? It means to not completely believe something, as it may not be entirely true.


When someone says "the icing on the cake", they mean something that makes a good situation even better. Just like how icing makes a cake even more delicious.


If someone is "in a pickle", it means they are in a difficult or tricky situation. Maybe they accidentally dropped their pickle jar!


We all know that "the proof is in the pudding". This means that the true value or quality of something can only be judged when it is put to use.