12 Veggies That Grow Best With Companion Vegetables


Welcome to the world of companion planting! Discover the 12 veggies that grow best with their perfect companion vegetables.


Slide into your garden with the dynamic duo of tomatoes and basil. These two plants thrive together, enhancing each other's flavor and growth.


Carrots and onions make a great pair in the garden. The strong scent of onions deters pests from attacking the delicate carrot roots.


Peppers and beans are a match made in gardening heaven. The beans provide nitrogen to the soil, which helps the peppers grow big and strong.


Cucumbers and radishes are the perfect companions. The radishes act as a natural pest repellent, while the cucumbers provide shade for the radishes to grow.


Spinach and strawberries are a winning combination. The spinach acts as a natural mulch, keeping the soil moist for the strawberries to thrive.


Broccoli and beets are a dynamic duo in the garden. The beets help to loosen the soil, making it easier for the broccoli to grow deep roots.


Lettuce and peas are a classic pair in the garden. The peas provide support for the lettuce to grow vertically, saving space in your garden.


Squash and corn are a perfect match. The tall corn stalks provide shade for the squash to grow, while the squash acts as a natural weed suppressor.


Eggplant and marigolds are a beautiful combination in the garden. The marigolds attract beneficial insects that help to pollinate the eggplant flowers.