12 Must-try Local Foods In Mumbai


Welcome to Mumbai, the city of dreams and delicious food! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these 12 must-try local dishes.


Start your food journey with the iconic Vada Pav, a spicy potato fritter sandwiched between soft buns.


Next up, try the mouth-watering Pav Bhaji, a spicy vegetable curry served with buttery buns.


For seafood lovers, Mumbai offers the famous Bombil Fry, a crispy and flavorful dish made with Bombay duck fish.


Indulge in the rich and creamy Butter Chicken, a popular North Indian dish that has found its way into the hearts of Mumbaikars.


Don't miss out on the tangy and spicy Pani Puri, a popular street food that will leave you wanting more.


For a unique experience, try the Parsi dish Dhansak, a flavorful combination of lentils, vegetables, and meat.


Satisfy your sweet tooth with the traditional dessert, Malpua, a fried pancake served with a generous drizzle of syrup.


For a taste of Mumbai's Muslim community, try the succulent Baida Roti, a stuffed flatbread filled with minced meat and spices.


Indulge in the famous Mumbai street food, Bhel Puri, a crunchy and tangy mixture of puffed rice, vegetables, and chutneys.